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Are you Ready? - 169 brown boat holder

Race 65 Cambridge win - 1 April 1903

In the early stages of practice, influenza played havoc with the Oxford crew. One man after another was temporarily out of the boat for this reason, and several of them never really shook off the effects. In addition to Long, the President, there were four old Blues in residence, but only three of them eventually found places in the crew. E. G. Monier-Williams had done well as stroke of his College crew which he had taken Head of the river in 1902, but he met with an accident whilst tobogganing in Switzerland and was unable to row at the beginning of the Lent term. On the loss of W. W. Field (Exeter College) from influenza, however, Monier-Williams was put in at stroke. He was very lively and knew how to drive his men over a short course, but he lacked the length and steadiness which are necessary for a long course, and which he might have found had he rowed throughout practice.


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