Battleship - HMS Duncan

Battleship - HMS Duncan 74 - Gale & Polden Ltd - Portsmouth
Battleship - HMS Duncan 74 - Gale & Polden Ltd - Portsmouth

HMS Duncan ran aground on Lundy while with the Channel Fleet in 1906, shortly afterwards in February 1907 she was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet and then in November 1908 she transferred again to the Mediterranean Fleet, becoming the flagship for the Rear-Admiral in August 1912. HMS Duncan then joined the 4th Battle Squadron of the 1st Fleet in home waters. She became a gunnery tender at Portsmouth in May 1913 before serving with the 6th Battle Squadron of the 2nd Fleet on the outbreak of WWI. Transferring to the 3rd Battle Squadron she moved to Portland and Dover in November 1915, but later that year moved to the Mediterranean before returning home in 1917 and going into reserve.


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