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In 1882 he was head of the field intelligence department in the Egyptian campaign, and was knighted for ‘his services. Two years later he ~commanded an infantry brigade in the Sudan under Sir Gerald Graham, and ‘was at the battles of El Teb and Tamai, being promoted major-general for distinguished service. In the Sudan campaign of 1884-85 he was Lord Wolseley’s chief of staff, and ‘he was given command of the desert column when Sir Herbert Stewart was wounded. ‘ He distinguished himself by his conduct of the ‘retreat from Gubat to Gakdul, and by his victory at Abu Klea (February 16—i 7), and he was created K.C.B. In 1886 he was sent to Ireland to inquire into the “moonlighting” outrages,and for a short tithe he acted as under-secretary for Ireland; but in 1887 he was appointed quartermaster-general at the war office. From f 890 to 1897 he held the office of adjutant-general, attaining the rank of lieutenant-general in 1891. At the war office his ‘energy and ability inspired the belief that he was fitted for the highest command, and in 1895, when the duke of Cambridge was about to retire, it was well known that Lord Rosébery’s cabinet intended to appoint Sir Redvers as chief of the staff under a scheme of reorganization recommended by Lord Hartington’s commission. On the eve of this change, however, the government was defeated, and its successors appointed Lord Wolseley to the command under the old title of commander-in-chief. In 1896 he was made a full general.


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