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The First Set - 172 unrecorded mat

The game of tennis is the same everywhere. The name given to the game differs in different countries. In Great Britain it is called Tennis or, to distinguish it from Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis or Royal Tennis. In the USA it is called Court Tennis: in France Jeu de Paume (hand ball): and in Australia Royal Tennis. The various names throw light on the development of the game. Tennis originated in France before the 12th century. The whole appearance of a tennis court is influenced by its origins. The first courts were to be found in courtyards immediately adjacent to a castle or in cloistered monastery quadrangles. Originally the players played with their hands (jeu de paume). Later they used gloves, then short bats to hit the ball. The game became very popular and in the 13th century it is said that there were as many as 1,800 courts in France.

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