In Commemoration of the Royal Marraige, March 10th 1863  -  Unknown

In Commemoration
of the
Royal Marraige
March 10th, 1863
[Printed on Coventry Ribbon]
On his approaching Nuptials with
The Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
Albert Edward Prince of Wales
    Around thy mother's throne,
Where 'er her flag, benignant sails,
    Where 'er her name is known,
The world throbs out one mighty prayer,-
    That thou, Old England's Pride,
May a whole life of blessings share
    With her, thy Danish bride.

She comes! the Norseman's daughter comes
    E'en now old Ocean rolls,
The wild gale's banner flaps and hums
    In lurid cloudy scrolls.
The Sea king's daughter comes to wed
    Great England's princely son
The marriage vow to God once said
    And glory’s cycle's done.

The Viking, Alfred drove from hence
One thousand years ago,
Returns, and to our Prince presents
    This blossom of his snow.
The bright bold blood of Denmark leaps
    In Alexandra's vein!
The genius of Gotha sweeps
    Thro’ Royal Albert's brain!

Lot beauty, blood, and genius meet
    To deck Britannia's throne,
Reflecting at Victoria's feet
    A splendour like her own.
We'll hail her Prince,-our ringing oheers
    Shall tell how proud are we,
Of one who'll dry thy mother's tears,
    And bring such joy to thee.

Make her, dear Prince, thy chiefest care,
    As she at home, is dear,
With all the love they bear her there,
    May she be cherished here.
Teach all to love her; say at home,
    And where our flags unfurl'd,
The mightiest pair ‘neath heaven’s blue dome,
    Are happiest in the world.

        A. H.

Entered at Stationers’ Hall.

Born at Buckingham Palace, the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Christened Albert Edward, he was known as "Bertie" throughout his life. He was created Prince of Wales as a baby. In his youth, he gained a reputation as a playboy, and his affair with an actress led indirectly to the early death of his father, Prince Albert.

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