The Late Fred Archer - Lord Falmouth - 21 - with signature

Fred Archer, the greatest and most tragic of all the Victorian jockeys, built Pegasus Stables, formerly known as Falmouth Lodge, in 1884. By all accounts, Archer was a rather serious fellow but was revered as the most fearless and powerful jockey of his time. He married Helen Rose Dawson at the age of 25 in 1882, and built Falmouth Lodge and Stables, naming them as a compliment to Viscount Falmouth, who held first claim to his services.

Fate, however, dealt Archer a cruel hand. He remained inconsolable after the death, in childbirth, of his young wife in 1884, and suffered excruciating physical pain by wasting to maintain his racing weight. In spite of this, his riding was as brilliant as ever, but on 8th November 1886 he shot himself in Falmouth House. He was just 29, had been champion jockey 13 times and had ridden five Derby winners.

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