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Letter from Thomas Stevens - October 12th. 1877.

This letter was written by Thomas Stevens (or his secretary) to the Brighton Aquarium to solicit space for exhibiting one of his looms. Exhibiting in such places was very popular in the 19th. century as a means of advertising. In fact Stevengraphs were first introduced at the York Exhibition which opened on 7th.May 1879 although Stevens Book-Markers were available as early as 1862. Geoffrey Godden writes that 9 designs were registered at the Patent Office by 30th. May 1862.

October 12th. 1877
To Secretary Brighton Aquarium
Do your Directors let out spaces in your Aquarium building for exhibition. Perhaps you have seen one of my looms work at the Crystal or Alexandra Palace, making illuminated silk goods of various descriptions, see specimens enclosed which you need not return. Wherever these looms are exhibited, they are a very great attraction. We sell the goods by the side of the loom; should you be open for any- thing of the sort, I should be glad to hear from you.
Yours Truly
ppro T Stevens

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