I am trying to determine if the Thomas Stevens listed below is a relative of Stevens.

A list of persons liable to serve as militia men for Helmdon, Northamptonshire, 1777 according to Anthony Drake, constable.

Thomas Hinton, farmer

(James Hindes, sarvant)

George Hinton, farmer

Joseph Stevens, laberer

Willm. Camption, sarvant

(John Kinch, staymaker)

Thomas Stevens, weaver

Thomas Edmunds, maltster

Josiah Drake, weaver

Luke Fairbrother, famer

Willm. Gibbs, weaver

Willm. Flowers, sarvant

Willm. Hanson, juner, carpinter

Willm. Harris, sarvant

Robert Hindes, beacker

Thomas War, beacker

Thomas Branson, masoner

Willm. Caves, beacker

Uriah Giberd, laberer

Nathell Blinckow, masonder

Richard Shortland, juner, famer

Willm. Pratt, farier

Edward Shortland, famer

Willm.Powell, boocher

John Coock, sarvant

George Powell, dealer

John Blinckow, boocher

Willm Bailes, masonder

Willm. Thomason, boocher

John Bailes, laberer

John Hawkes, sarvant

Thomas Fairbrother, famer

John White, laberer

Willm. Lacey, shewmaker

Thimothy Needle, sarvant

(John Lacey, wheel rite)

John Adkins, famer

Petter Warrin, famer

Credit:- http://www.helmdon.com/history/militia_list_1777.htm

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