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To the Memory of the Illustrious Martyrdom in the City of Oxford 1555-56 - from Godden Collection

Top - Archbishop Cranmer
Bottom left - Bishop Ridley
Bottom left - Bishop Latimer

"Bloody" Mary ascended the throne of England in 1553--of course at first she was only known as Queen Mary. However, at least two hundred people were put to death for their religious convictions during her reign (often cruelly), so in history she came to be known as "Bloody Mary."

Mary's father, King Henry VIII, had separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic church, but he had not reformed the church's practices or doctrines. On Henry's death, his young son Edward became King. Many of Edward's advisors tried to move the English church in the direction of a more Biblical Christianity. Two such men were Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer.


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